How often do you need asphalt paving services?

                                                    How often do you need asphalt paving services?

Asphalt paving is an essential part of any business property, which is why it is vital that it lasts a long time before needing repairs.

How long does asphalt paving last and what is the asphalt pavement repair cost? With the right material, installation, and environmental reasons, high standard asphalt should last at least between 15 to 20 years. Other considerations contain, but are not restricted to, the soil beneath the pavement, use of the paving, and the local weather temperatures.

Keep reading to learn how you can extend your asphalt pavement life.

How long does asphalt paving last?

Generally, asphalt pavement lasts between 15 and 25 years. Anyway, the real lifespan depends on many factors. To figure out how long your asphalt pavement will last, you need to keep in mind the following parameters.

The traffic intensity

How much force is the asphalt pavement under? Do heavy vehicles drive over it daily? Or maybe one vehicle is parked on the pavement overnight.  The more traffic your asphalt pavement endures the less the lifespan is.

You can extend the surface life by arranging regular maintenance and inspections. Anyway, with heavy traffic, the asphalt is unlikely to last more than ten years.

Environmental factors

Asphalt paving contractors understand the significance of environmental factors, such as the condition of rainfall, underlying soil, and the weather condition at the time of application. While occasional rainfall does not have a big bad effect, if water is not rightly drained away from the asphalt surface, it can break down the composition of the materials.


In a best situation, asphalt would survive with continued hot temperatures and the least amount of precipitation. High temperatures, both cold and hot, affect the asphalt by causing cracks, permitting water to poll within the pavement and creating air spaces. These situations lead to the destruction of the asphalt potholes and composition form.


The longevity of your asphalt pavement can also depend on the materials type and techniques used during installation.

Porous asphalt

Generally used for parking lots for better drainage. It also traps heat. Anyway, installing such asphalt on the bad soil type can reduce its lifespan. It is also not durable enough for high-traffic places.

Perpetual pavement

Such pavement is made up of many layers, making it durable, thus amazing for heavy traffic. This pavement generally lasts longer than other types. Anyway, the installation could be costly.

Warm-mix asphalt

Such asphalt is made by using lower temperatures (about 50 F – 100 F lower) than warm-mix asphalt. This asphalt is budget-friendly. Anyway, it is harder to install and more prone to water damage. Both factors may decrease lifespan.

Where do you plan to install asphalt?

Your asphalts lifespan depends on where and how you plan to use it?

Parking lots

Depending on the type of vehicles that enter your parking lot, the pavement can last between 10 and 25 years. Regular heavy truck traffic may decrease the lifespan. Without right maintenance, parking lot pavement can deteriorate after as little as five years.

Residential driveway

Since the driveway does not endure high traffic, you can expect the pavement to last up to twenty-five years. But only if it is a new construction, repaved driveways last about 10 to 15 years.


Since these roads take a heavy beating, they may need resurfacing after ten to fifteen years.

So, how often do you need asphalt paving services? Let’s answer this question!

Read the signs

Winters in Victoria BC are punishing and summers are scorching. The extreme temperature can cause a lot of problems on your asphalt.

Being alert about changes in the integrity of your pavement is important to understanding the timing of asphalt paving services. Look for signs like:

·         Minor cracks

·         Drainage issues

·         Warping or sinking

·         Fading

·         Big cracks

What types of services?

If you have noticed any of the bad signs that your asphalt paving needs a little THC, then it is vital to understand the types of services you need.

Little cracks, for example, don’t add up and need a full re-paving job.

Anyway, your next move is to give us a call so we can come out to analyze the situation of your pavements. From there, we discuss the top way to keep your asphalt paving in best condition.

Caring for your pavements

Nothing lasts forever – not even strong asphalt. Later or soon, there is going to be an issue. But you can care for your pavement to reject full replacement.

One way to spread the life of your paved areas is with sealcoating. The process renews the look of your pavements, while protecting them from water incursion. Part of that is nipping little cracks in the bud before they become big uglies.

Sealcoat is most successful when done every two or three years. If you do it more often, the material used may be subject to peeling and cracking. Sometimes, parking lot armor will advise a seal between your regularly scheduled ones. This is generally in the event of big damage.

Caring for your pavements also means understanding that little issues can become big ones if they are not attended to as they arise. Get those little cracks filled before they grow into potholes.

When is it time for a replacement?

Asphalt can last a long time when you rightly care for it. With a regular schedule of resurfacing, cleaning, and repairing, it is likely your asphalt could last 15 to 25 years. It would not last forever no matter how well you treat it, over time wear and tear will leave its mark.

Taking care of your asphalt will increase your business activity. When asphalt looks perfect and clean, your focus to detail would not go unnoticed.  If you have a paving need at one of your properties, contact Blackjacket paving today to get a free estimate for your next project.

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