Blackjacketpaving services

Whether you are adding or changing a driveway, you need to know your options. In some cases, there is a clear-out option; few materials are as economical as asphalt, and when rightly installed, an asphalt driveway paving can improve your homes curb appeal while giving years of dependable service.

In order to make the top possible choice, you need help from Blackjacket paving experts and contractors. We provide a professional, clean finish with every project, and our knowledgeable team can guide you through each step of the process. With efficient equipment and an amazing safety record, we provide you with the assurance you need for long-term results and an excellent return on your investment. There is the reason we are among the foremost asphalt driveway contracts in Victoria BC.

Our top rated Asphalt services

We are proud of the work we perform and strive to make certain every client is overly happy with the work we do. From commercial projects, and large businesses to little residential driveways we have the tools and a professional team of individuals to get the work done right.

Residential paving

Asphalt paving for residential homes is on a boom and we have got the experience and tools to bring your residential property to the next level. From sideways to driveways we not only offer customers professional asphalt paving, we also demo the old concrete, pavers, or asphalt.


Make your facilities beautiful to your customers by maintaining them with high-standard materials applied with time-tested techniques. We guarantee our industry-leading asphalt seal coating services to all our Victoria customers. Please go to our sister website Click Here


Blackjacket paving has the crew, experience, leadership, and equipment to get any paving work done successfully while exceeding customer expectations on all fronts. Asphalt is in our blood, 3 generations of pavers, family owned and operated. We want to make you look good.


Asphalt repairs come in sizes, shapes, and levels of severity and we do them all.  From pot holes to big cracks and even fixing the bad workmanship of lazy contractors there is no asphalt paving repair too big for Blackjacket paving.


Crackfilling adds years of life to parking lots and driveways. With the high cost of asphalt, preventative maintenance is key. We use contractor-grade hot pour rubberized crack fill which is machine laid. We remove weeds, router, weed whack, whatever is necessary. We are one of the few companies that machine lays the hot tar, which gives you a uniformed two-inch black strip of hot tar, not smeared everywhere. We add years to the life of your parking lots and driveways by preventing water from getting in the cracks and heaving in the winter months which results in pot holes and is very costly.


We pride ourselves in being the best curbers in town, hand curbs, water controls, and extruded machine laid curbs are our specialty.