Asphalt Paving

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We are provided to provide a complete range of asphalt paving service, from new parking lot construction to resurfacing, and everything in between, we have the capabilities and experience to handle your next paving project small or big. Depending on the project type and requirements we will provide a full quote explaining the expectations of what we can offer.

We guarantee our work

Our standard products and experienced technicians will ensure you are happy throughout the construction process. From installation to planning and site cleanup we will leave a lasting impression that will make sure we will be your one and only asphalt contractor.

What are the advantages of asphalt paving?

Improves curb appeal

Freshly laid asphalt surfaces are inviting and attractive to potential customers. If you manage a resort, shopping center, or homeowners association you may want to consider asphalt for its remarkable look. With our pavement striping and marking services your lot will be clean, simple to navigate and look stunning.

Ease of maintenance

If a section of lot becomes damaged, eroded, or you get a pothole. That area can simply be fixed with our seamless infrared asphalt repair service.


Matched to concrete, the cost per square foot of asphalt is very low.

Quick construction

Asphalt lots can be paved in a little period of time, and have a fast cure time. This means you can get back to business almost as soon as it is installed. If you have an extremely big surface, we can break up the lot into sections and route traffic accordingly.

Green solution

In America about sixty million tons of asphalt are reused and recycled each year.

We are your Victoria BC paving specialist

Timely completion

Many contractors charge low rates for their services, but there is a big catch; they never complete the project on budget and time. At BlackJacket paving, we make sure your pavement maintenance project is handled with care and is done in a timely manner at or under budget.

Quality work

The secret recipe to our company’s success is quality, simple work and listening to oru customers’ needs attentively. BlackJacket paving uses high-tech sealants, equipment, and a dedicated workforce to deliver high performing, durable paved surfaces that stand the test of time!


We never sugarcoat anything matched to your project’s cost. Whether your project is little or big we are transparent with our pricing from the get-go. Everything is communicated upfront!

Cutting-edge of technology

We operate under the very top standards of business conduct, forever striving to demonstrate full integrity and professionalism. Past customers have described our employees as “knowledgeable, communicative, through and forever professional… following through on every detail and fast to return calls. The workers on the job are alert and work steadily to get the job done.”

We stay on the latest and modern technology. BlackJacket paving prides itself on pioneering the top practices for green paving services and providing eco-friendly alternatives to supplement our existing line of conventional paving, striping, seal coating, and parking lot services.

Serving your area

BlackJacket paving, Ltd. Is a premier asphalt paving contractor serving Victoria BC. We handle maintenance, construction, repairs and seal coating for cart paths, roadways, pool decks, patios, speed bumps, sidewalks, and much more. Our insured and licensed asphalt paving company employs a team of highly experienced, trained asphalt paving experts who use only high standard materials from leading brands to complete your asphalt paving, construction and maintenance projects.

If you are in need of asphalt paving or asphalt seal coating for your commercial or home property in Victoria BC or the surrounding areas, contact us today to get a free estimate. We look forward to working with you and to exceeding your expectations.


How long asphalt parking lots last?

When rightly maintained asphalt parking lots can last from 25-30 years. Anyway, keep in mind that asphalt can be affected by different factors including environmental elements, such as rain, UV sun rays, snow, gas, oils, extreme temperature, grease, oils, salt and more.

How long should you wait before driving on new asphalt?

We advise waiting at least twenty-four hours before driving on newly paved asphalt, mainly in warm weather. Asphalt paving needs to cool down to set. Once the asphalt paving in your parking lot has rightly cured, you can then drive on it.

Can you pave over the existing parking lot?

Yes, we can. BlackJacket paving Ltd also offers resurfacing and overlay services. Anyway, this solution will be dependent on your parking lot present situation. If your parking lot has surface-level cracks and potholes, a patch or overlay work can simply restore your parking lot to a brand new look. If your lot has deep damage and cracks, an overlay may not be the top option.

Does new asphalt need to be sealed?

Sealcoating gives a protective barrier to shield asphalt from destructive elements such as gas, oil, water and salt.  We advise waiting at least 1 week before calling for sealcoating services.

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When you need a paving contractor, call on the experts at BlackJacket paving, Ltd. We are residential and commercial paving experts. From asphalt paving driveways to site jobs, we do it all.

Our company is completely insured and licensed. We provide free estimates for your residential home or your business.  From underground utilities to excavation contracting, we do it all. Our aim is to ensure our customers are hundred percent relaxed with any and all of our work. We will work promptly to resolve any questions that you may have, as happy customers are our number one priority. We welcome your feedback on jobs we have done for any of our valued customers.

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