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  Blackjack driveway paving! Do it once, do it right!

Blackjacket Paving Ltd is the leading residential driveway paving firm in your area. We have been serving the best people of the Victoria BC area for two decades and are looking forward to many more years in the area. The advantages of driveway paving are many and varied and can help you to raise the look of your home and its value.

Why choose Blackjacket Paving Ltd?

With many years of industry experience, the family-owned business has been improving the value and look of homes in your area for decades. If you are unhappy with your driveway or just want to upgrade, BlackJacket paving is the firm for you. To find out more and book your free estimate, contact our team today.

Are you in need of a new driveway?

If you are looking to put your property on the market, one thing you will want to keep in mind is the first impression you are giving to possible buyers. A quality block paving driveway could even increase the value of your property, making this a best investment to make before you try to sell. Even if you are not looking to sell anytime soon, if your present driveway is a little tired looking and full of unsightly potholes and cracks you may decide you want to do something about it. If you are in the market for driveway paving in Victoria BC, give us a call today.

Our installation process

Getting a new driveway with us is easy and fast. Simply book a free site survey at a time to suit you and we can discuss your project and give a competitive quote.

If you are happy for us to proceed, we can then book in your new driveway. The process begins with an excavation of the agreed area with excess material promptly removed to keep you and your neighbours happy.

Then our professionally trained contractors can set to work laying a suitable base for your new driveway or parking lot.

Residential & commercial services we provide

Sealcoating is extremely economical, but it can generally double the life of your driveway by screening out UV rays, saving against automotive fluids and making your driveway more resistant to water penetration.

We also provide asphalt repair and crack filling to help make sure that water does not reach the driveways foundation and destabilize it. If your driveway has low spots in which water collects, we may be capable of getting rid of them and improving your driveways drainage with asphalt milling. Further, if you have an asphalt or concrete driveway that is just too old to make repairs cost-effective, we can install an asphalt overlay that will provide you virtually the same look and functionality as a new driveway for much less money.

Highest quality driveway paving

We know that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to residential and commercial driveway paving firms. That is why we have put together this short list to help you understand that we are the top choice for you.

Quick turnaround

We have a decade of experience and this helps us to have the work done in a day or two. Driveway paving can be laid in half the time as their concrete counterparts and are a remarkable means of improving your home almost overnight.

Premium standard without a premium price

Our asphalt driveways stand the test of time and give you the best addition to your home that will last for decades. We cut no corners when it comes to residential paving and will forever complete the work to the highest standard possible.

Dramatically boost your home’s value

We give a really top-in-class service and the standard of our work will help you home retain its new value for many years to come. The real estate market is very competitive nowadays, so help your home stand out from the rest with a brand-new driveway from Blackjacket Paving Ltd.

Low prices but high standard

We pride ourselves on our transparency so will never hit you any extra charges or fees. The best thing about our service? We give the initial quote to you fully free of charge and with no obligation to work with us.


Does your company provide a free estimate?

Yes we provide. Any driveway paving work you need done, just call us at (250) 208 8867 and request a free estimate. We will schedule a time and date to come and look at your property. Generally, we favour having the customer there, guiding us and explaining what actually they would like to have done.

Do you pave on weekends when required?

We have done jobs on weekends before, for projects like mall parking lots and school. We understand that every person has different needs and are open to work with any person depending on their situation. Yes, weekend work is not all that fun, mainly in the summer when the sun is very hot and blasts the heat like there is no tomorrow, but we sure do it.

What is the difference between repaving and sealcoating the asphalt?

One of the largest differences between the 2 is the price. Sealing an existing parking lot would be much more affordable and easier than to pave a brand new one, unless of course it’s falling apart and has to be changed. Think of a sealcoat as a facelift for the pavement. It is a spray that seals and covers the surface while making it look brand new and shiny. All parking & driveway lot replacement really is. It is a newly paved surface, meaning the old one gets removed and new one gets leveled and installed.

Contact us today!

At Blackjacket Paving Ltd, we have been repairing, paving and maintaining driveways in the Victoria BC area for over two decades. We know that every customer’s needs are different, so we forever focus on what the best solutions are for the specific customers. For a free estimate, call (250) 208 8867 or use the online form.