Different types of asphalt paving

Different types of asphalt paving

Asphalt is also famous as bitumen. Asphalt is a black, sticky, largely thick liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It may be a refined product or planted in natural deposits. Asphalt is produced in the factory by mixing coarse beach, fine beach, clay, bitumen, and sediment.

Asphalt is an admixture of binder, summations, and padding. Asphalt is utilized for constructing and maintaining parking areas, roads, and anchorages, bike lanes, field runways, and sports and play areas. Also, it is laid down on-print to a decided position or consistency by a paving machine.

What are the different types of asphalt paving?

Perpetual pavement

Perpetual pavement uses different layers of asphalt to give a durable surface or road. A flexible base layer absorbs much of the wear and tear, a powerful middle layer gives stability and a perfect asphalt mix on the top layer is designed to hold up to heavy traffic. This kind of paving is meant to be easy to repair and patch, making it best for roads that should not be shut down for long construction projects.

Stone-matrix asphalt

This material is made from a mixture of asphalt cement, stabilizing agents, and stone aggregate, designed to keep the structure powerful and prevent imperfections or nuts. It is famous on high-traffic roads that would otherwise experience a lot of wear and tear.

Porous asphalt

Porous asphalt contains a relatively thin layer of asphalt installed over a bed of aggregate material. This permits moisture and precipitation to simply absorb into the surface and make its way to the ground below and around it. It is remarkable for parking lots or paved areas that need right drainage.

Porous asphalt gives more water for nearby plants and trees. It also stops water from standing in low-lying areas. Many people love to pair porous asphalt with rain gardens. This makes an atmosphere that is best for absorbing runoff.

A downside to using porous asphalt is that it does not perform well under heavy loads. For this reason, we advise it for low-traffic parking lots and residential driveways. If you need pavement for high traffic areas, consider old asphalt instead.

Warm-mix asphalt

This paving technique permits construction crew to combine asphalt in lower temperatures than are generally needed for the material to set. It needs less power and permits crews to work in varying situations.

Quiet pavement

This kind of pavement is designed to cut noise pollution by absorbing the road traffic vibrations. It is top suited for surfaces and roads suited near residential areas.


Thinlays, as the name advises, are thin layers of asphalt pavement placed over existing paved surfaces to protect the structure. This can better the look and cover up little imperfections, keeping the pavement in top shape for years.

Uses of Asphalt

Here are some of the uses of asphalt paving:

Asphalt pavement in tunnels

Most of the roads that are paved around the planet are made of asphalt as it is very durable and provides best performance mostly for heavy traffic situations. It provides lost-lasting performance and durability under a big range of temperature and climatic situations. Asphalt sir is also used mostly in the industrial places for some specific applications such as building airports and the base course of buildings, railway tracks and is largely used for making tunnels.

Asphalt on bridge decks

Most of the bridges that are made up of concrete have asphalt surfaces in most of the European countries. Using Asphalt to save the concrete and steel structure from de-icing water and salts is one of the key reasons that it is used as a surfacing material. The fault bridge payment system is split into 4 different layers namely a bonding or ceiling layer which is known as a primer, a protective layer, waterproofing layer, and a surface layer of Asphalt.

Airlift uses asphalt

Most of the roads on the planet are paved with asphalt because it has high durability and best performance under most heavy traffic situations. Asphalt is also used for the construction of high-standing and parking roads that are meant for both heavy and light vehicles. For the construction and surfing of perimeter roads, access roads, vehicle parking on airfields, that are eminently suitable. Most of the airport pavements are made with asphalt. Airports consist of taxiways, runways, aprons and parking areas.

What are the advantages of choosing asphalt pavement?


Asphalt consistently provides the parking lot or pavement with a quite a smooth look. With the help of asphalt construction, noisy surface texture, blow-ups, repetitive construction joints can be managed. It also has advantages with up to five perfect reductions in fuel use as well as CO2 emissions.


Latest technology linked with asphalt construction provides rapid dispersal of drainage water, decreases water spray, and improves visibility when the surface is wet. It can also increase the visibility of road markings.


A well maintained and designed asphalt pavement, the surface remains powerful and viable for many years to come. In many years, the wearing course can last over thirty years.

100% reusable

Asphalt paving is considered as the most sustainable and recycled construction product. If you want to contribute to the mission of saving the atmosphere, you should pick asphalt.


One of the top things about asphalt maintenance and repair service is that it is cost-friendly. Also, asphalt is quite easy and affordable to install as matched to concrete ones. Depending on the size of the project, you can contact any expert asphalt pavement contractor and get your asphalt job done right.

End words

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